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assess yourself

Are you a good enough driver?

Assess your driving skills

It's easy to think that because you have your licence you must be good enough; unfortunately, it's not necessarily true. Become a good driver by being realistic about where you’re at.

Being a good driver basically equates to driving well regardless of what other things are going on, at all times. You need the skills to drive in different weather and different moods, with people in the car and on your own.

Can you keep it together in bad traffic on a rainy day, when you’re feeling stressed-out and everything has gone wrong?

Assess your driving awareness skills and compensate

Have a good look at what your awareness skills are like. There's nothing wrong with realising your skills aren't as good as they could be. Good drivers keep noticing their weaknesses, and make the effort to improve.

Learning to drive well takes many years. In the mean time, compensate for your lack of experience and keep learning.

Problems arise when new drivers don’t recognize that their skills aren't up to scratch. Driving around overconfident makes you dangerous to yourself; take the ego out of driving and you will fast become naturally competent, as solid and safe as anyone can hope for at your stage of learning.