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forming good driving habits

good driving habits

Part of the task of great driving is mastering the art of forming good habits.


It's easy to pick up habits from watching others and doing what they do; be discerning - make sure you are influenced only by quality driving habits.


We’ve put together a list of good driving habits for your reference, or you could ask a keys2drive professional instructor to help you make your own list.


Form habits through correct repetition


Aim to do things the correct way, many times, and don’t be satisfied with sloppy performance.

If you do something a number of times correctly, it will begin to become a habit that works reliably.

If you make a mistake while you are developing your habits, work out why, fix that problem, and keep doing it again the correct way.


Test your habits


While you are using the habit, say random odd numbers between 1 and 21 (e.g. 3, 7, 19, 15). You’re doing well if the habit works while your mind is thinking hard about something else.

Alternatively, have someone else test you - ask someone who knows what the correct habits are to watch you drive in an unfamiliar situation or while you’re distracted.