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Staying Visible

This activity will help your learner notice when the car could become invisible to others and when they should try to be more visible.

Activity: are you visible?

  • Next time your learner practices being a hazard detector and using X-ray vision, ask them to look at drivers, riders, and pedestrians around your car’s crash avoidance space, and alongside the car.
  • Ask your learner, ‘”Can you see their eyes?” Explain that as a driver, if you cannot see the eyes of the driver, rider or pedestrian directly, or by looking in your mirrors, it’s likely they cannot see you.
  • Point out that sometimes another driver’s or rider’s eyes can be seen if they turn their head and look over their shoulder at you. This will help you explain the importance of looking over your shoulder for other people when you drive.
  • Ask your learner to work out what they would need to do to become visible.